Middle East

Will the Council challenge Libya on citizen disappearances?

9 November 10 - The UN’s Human Rights Committee has denounced Libya for torture, forced disappearances and the assassination of one of its citizens. But will the matter be raised during Libya’s periodic review at the Human Rights Council on Tuesday (November 9 in (...) Read

Fears for family in Iran stoning case

5 November 10 - From Amnesty International: Amnesty International today called on the Iranian authorities to immediately release the lawyer and son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman who is at risk of execution by stoning, if they are held solely for trying to pass on information about her (...) Read

Turkey: terrorism laws used unfairly

1 November 10 - From Human Rights Watch: An HRW report released today documents the use of anti-terror laws to prosecute hundreds of Kurdish demonstrators as though they were armed militants, violating free expression, association, and assembly. Read

US role in Iraq brought setbacks for women

27 October 10 - The US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq brought a sharp setback to the rights of women in that country, Thoraya Obaid executive director of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund tells IPS in an interview. Read

Human Rights Watch denounces Morocco detentions

26 October 10 - From Human Rights Watch: This report documents a pattern of abuse under Morocco’s counter terrorism law, which was adopted 12 days after coordinated suicide bombings in Casablanca on May 16, 2003, took 45 lives. Read

Gaza treasure house under threat

22 October 10 - Few outside of Gaza would consider its history much beyond the decades of Israeli occupation. But Gaza is a historical treasure house. Many of those treasures are now in Israeli museums, and those that remain are becoming difficult to preserve due to the Israeli (...) Read

Israeli settlement plans threaten rights

18 October 10 - From Amnesty International: AI has urged the Israeli authorities to abandon plans to construct 238 new housing units in Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem. Read

Transparency needed in Emirati/Blackberry affair

14 October 10 - From Reporters Without Borders: The Emirati authorities appear to have reached an agreement with Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian manufacturer of the BlackBerry smartphone, under which they are not after all carrying out a threat to suspend certain BlackBerry (...) Read

Middle East dialogue: how serious is Hamas?

13 October 10 - It is not the first time that Hamas has announced its desire to begin dialogue with the United States. According to Ali Ibrahim of the London-based Arabic daily Asharq Alawsat, the only thing that is new this time is its insistence. Read

Syrian rights lawyer receives Alkarama award

13 October 10 - From Alkarama (Geneva): Haithem Al-Maleh (هيثم المالح), prominent Syrian human rights defender and lawyer, will be the recipient of the Alkarama Award 2010 for Human Rights (...) Read
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